Exclusive corporate events


Grand Open Exclusive Corporate Events is unique, in being able to offer a service which creates an event that  incorporates corporate hospitality, international networking and business development.

Grand Open Exclusive Corporate Events
After more than ten years experience of organising The Grand Open, we understand the importance of the roll social interaction, in a relaxed atmosphere and surroundings, plays in the building of business relations.

By creating an event in which we bring together the established physcology ‘ We would rather do business with friends than strangers.’ and the best possible presentation of your product and services, we lay the foundation for not only long lasting business relationships but also social and personal friendships in the private sphere.

In every event we organise, we work actively to develop domestic and international trade relations through our extensive network of business excutives and govermental institutions.Grand Open Exclusive Corporate Events not only handles all the logistics of any event your company wish to stage but also creates an exclusive atmosphere in which to meet potential partners and customers.

Through our domestic and international network of contacts, we can also facilitate introductions to organisations, government institutions and companies who are interested in what you have to offer.